Flu Season is Here. Image of a cute, sick teddy bear to illustrate immune-boosting ideas to stay well.

Flu Season is Peaking: Reinforce Your Healthy Habits Now

By Dr. Mikell Parsons / February 11, 2021 /

How can you keep your immune system as strong as possible, especially during the flu season? Right now we are four weeks into the flu season and it has been very mild. Experts are suggesting that the COVID-19 / coronavirus precautions that we’re all taking is making a difference in the number of flu cases.…

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Image of elemental zinc because zinc supplements are in demand during the coronavirus era.

Why Zinc Supplements are So Popular Right Now

By Dr. Mikell Parsons / May 19, 2020 /

Good old, overlooked zinc. Supplements of this mineral are suddenly popular and everyone has questions about getting more zinc in their diet as well as taking zinc lozenges and supplements. Why is that? Because zinc is a mineral that is required for very important processes in the body including cell division, DNA and protein synthesis,…

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