ADHD Symptoms in Kids? A Non-Medication Treatment Option

Where do some kids get their endless energy?

Yes, it’s a normal part of being young but have you been an observer of a child that you would love to find the “off switch” for?

I know that many parents, siblings and teachers have often wished for the known location of such a switch.

It’s not just ADHD symptoms in kids that revolve around high levels of activity.

Why do some kids seem to constantly get themselves into trouble?

  • Not listening in class.
  • Having meltdowns around homework.
  • Wound up so much they can’t control their impulsive behavior.

Are you at your wits end with the continued “wrangling” of these kiddos?

And what about that child, trapped in a body that they can’t seem to control? Who would want to be constantly corrected?

No one!

So how does this happen? What is going on? Why does it happen in some kids and not in others? Well, I have some answers for you, especially if you have a friend or family member with a child (or adult) who has had the official diagnosis of ADD or ADHD!

Image of a little boy running through a sprinkler to illustrate the joy of not having adhd symptoms in kids.

Is Medication the Only Treatment for ADHD Symptoms in Kids?

For many people who are struggling with this type of challenge, do you really think it is a drug deficiency that is causing it? Is medication, therapy or counseling getting to the root cause of this?

In my opinion, many experts are barking up the wrong tree.

The brain controls the body. And the body is constantly sending information up into the brain. The brain then needs to interpret this information.

This is all controlled by our nervous system. If the nervous system is out of balance, the “symptom” may be a condition such as ADHD.

This falls under a sensory processing issue, meaning that the brain does not properly perceive, coordinate and process/integrate the information (stimulus) coming from the environment.

When that gets imbalanced, then the response is also out of balance.

Then you get behavior such as hyperactivity, impulsiveness, anxiety, distraction, attention and focus issues. To me, this can indicate that the brain is disorganized.

Yikes! How can a young child be expected to sit down, pay attention and learn, when their operating system is not operating correctly?

Well, they can’t!

This is why therapy and counseling is frustrating for these kiddos. It’s like trying to apply a band aid to an avalanche of nervous system imbalances.  

Image of a little girl and boy enjoying nature at a pond.

The good news is that there is technology that is now available to check the nervous system to see if it is an imbalance that is causing these “wound up, energizer” kiddos.

If the imbalance is there, then working on restoration of the nervous system will be the foundational treatment. Now, we can help reduce ADHD symptoms in kids and help them to relax, feel balanced and enjoy school and live up to their true potential!

Isn’t that what every parent wants? A happy, balanced child who is thriving in all aspects of life, right?

Without medication.

How NeuroIntegrative Brain Therapy Addresses ADHD Symptoms

The brain is our master computer which dictates our behavior.

The brain also directs the body in how and when to physically move. When the brain, specifically the brain waves are moving “too fast,” the body has no choice but to respond.

These brain waves are in our subconscious mind. So when little Tyler is driving everyone crazy and appears to have endless energy which even he can’t seem to control, there is truth in the fact that he really can’t control it. This behavior is not a conscious decision.

Little Keisha is not intentionally misbehaving. She is trapped with a brain that is working like an out-of-control freight train, with a faulty braking system (the frontal lobes). 

NeuroIntegrative brain therapy begins with a QEEG assessment or “brain map.”

This helps me see what area and what specific brain wave is causing the behavior that has been named ADHD.

If the brain is producing too much “Theta” or “Delta” in the frontal lobe, or not producing enough “Beta” brainwaves in the occipital area the brain will be “moving” too fast.

This is the “recipe” for ADHD symptoms in kids … and adults! The wonderful thing about our modern world is that we can actually see what is happening in the brainwaves of anyone from the age of 4 years and older.

It is a simple test that is done in our office. You can learn more about the test and NeuroIntegration Therapy here.

Once the results are processed, treatment recommendations are given and a care plan can be implemented.

And the treatment isn’t scary or weird (to a kid). They simply watch what seems like a fun movie while their brain gets back into balance.

Just imagine little Tyler and Keisha starting the school year with the ability to focus, to choose their energy level and feel less troublesome.

Imagine them being excited about school instead of being frustrated and hating it.


This is what motivates me. I want all of the precious children who are suffering with an out of control brain to have the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

This happens when their brain was able to work as it was originally designed to.

All of this can be accomplished without the need for dangerous drugs which don’t fix the underlying issues but only suppresses the ADHD symptoms.

Let’s fix the imbalance so our future generation of kids will thrive and make healthy decisions from a healthy brain!

If you’re ready to take action for one of your kiddos (or yourself!), call my office at (559) 447-1404

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