Fresno Chiropractic Care, Nutrition and Brain Wellness

The Natural Path Health Center in Fresno, CA takes a non-medical approach to helping adults and children with chiropractic care, nutrition and brain wellness.

Our mission is to help you and your family live vibrant and joyful lives.

We do that by inspiring you to take back control of your health and help you stay out of the “sick care” system.

I'm Dr. Mikell Parsons, DC, and I'm the Holistic Detective for Fresno, Clovis and the entire Central Valley of California.

I'm also known as “Dr. Auntie” because I and my Dream Team at the Natural Path Health Center provide a wonderful experience as we enhance your family’s healthy lifestyle.

Kids and parents alike love us because:

  • We specialize in family wellness with an emphasis in maternal and pediatric care.
  • We are experts in chiropractic, nutrition, and brain wellness.
  • We are known for the personal attention, passion, and individualized care we provide our patients on every visit.
  • We work with infants, spectrum and sensory kiddos, women with fatigue and irritability, pregnant mamas … and the men who love them.

Whether you are:

  • trying to conceive
  • expecting a baby
  • experiencing symptoms such as fatigue and irritability
  • wanting to lead an even healthier lifestyle
  • or looking for help with a child experiencing behavioral, learning and socialization developmental challenges

I have great success with adults who:

  • have struggled with a chronic condition for years and thought they couldn’t get better.
  • maybe have been to doctor after doctor and they can't get a clear diagnosis or were just prescribed an antidepressant.
  • have lost hope or they think they just have to accept certain things as they age.
  • would just be happy with not getting worse. It’s a joy for me to experience their surprise and happiness as they get better!

We look forward to helping you meet your health challenges.

We’ll celebrate with you and your family as your little ones grow and thrive year after year.

Let us help you and your family get more enjoyment out of life!

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Dr. Mikell Suzanne Parsons, DC, CCN, DACBN, DACNB

Fresno Chiropractor, Nutritionist, and Brain Wellness Expert

Hello! I’m Dr. Mikell Parsons, DC and I’m a chiropractor in Fresno. (That's me second from the left, surrounded by my Dream Team!)

I'm called the Holistic Detective because I use a wide range of holistic, natural treatments here at the Natural Path Health Center in Fresno, California to help my patients (kids and adults) reduce pain and brain fog, heal injuries, clear out toxicity, become gluten-free, reduce fatigue and make their bodies healthy again without drugs or surgery.

I specialize in working with infants, spectrum and sensory kids, pregnant women and those with fatigue and irritability.

I’ve had years of education, self-study and invested in certifications because I discovered chiropractic at a young age after a terrible accident.

Natural Path team photo 2024 June

I’m a Fresno-based chiropractor specializing in chiropractic for children (pediatric chiropractic), prenatal care, chronic conditions and sports injuries.

As a nutritionist, I focus on helping you become gluten-free, detox, treat fatigue and reduce inflammation.

I’m also a certified gluten practitioner and I can help you decide if and when you should go gluten-free.

Finally, I am a brain-training specialist focused on brain wellness using NeuroIntegration Therapy to help you with anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, ADHD, memory and pain management.

You’ll find out a lot more about these treatments and about me on our site.

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The mission of The Natural Path Health Center is to inspire you to take back control of your health; to keep you out of the “sick care” system so you and your family can lead the vibrant and joyful life you were meant to live!