Dr. Mikell Parsons

Image of a variety of citrus fruits to illustrate the value of vitamin c therapeutic doses.

Vitamin C Power: Finding Your Ideal Therapeutic Level

By Dr. Mikell Parsons / March 18, 2020 /

There are some vitamins that are so common, so “boring” and so “old school” that they get left out or forgotten.  Especially if they are not considered exciting, new, cutting edge, or trendy. One such sadly overlooked vitamin is poor old, often-taken-for-granted, vitamin C. For some reason, it’s not getting the attention that zinc for immunity…

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Photo of scientist looking at petri dishes - may or may not be coronavirus. Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Coronavirus, Flu and Colds: Natural Immune Support Strategies

By Dr. Mikell Parsons / March 10, 2020 /

Because I have the title of doctor (I’m a chiropractor and nutritionist) my opinion about pain, food, and health is often sought after. Today (early March 2020), you can guess how the appearance of the coronavirus on the world scene has increased my popularity. I’m being asked about symptoms, cures and treatment but the funny…

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Brain balance for migraines can be helped with NIT - a form of biofeedback.

How Biofeedback Therapy Works for Migraines, Headaches, and Brain Fog

By Dr. Mikell Parsons / February 17, 2020 /

Suffering from migraines? Headaches? General brain fog? Other annoying issues that just don’t seem to go away with pills or doctor visits? My Fresno health center patients have had success with biofeedback therapy for migraines and more. Here’s how it works. It starts with “Alpha, beta, delta, theta.” These are the different levels brain waves…

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