Chiropractic saved my life. It also drastically changed my life. When I was 16 years old, my dream was to become a professional dancer. That was all I thought about. During the summer, I was waterskiing at Pine Flat Lake. I grew up waterskiing. I didn't like to fall, so when the bottom of my waterski hit a submerged tree stump, my ski stopped and I was thrown forward, rolled 3 times to the right and landed on my face. I was pulled from the water, in shock. My father (former WWII vet) still expected me to help load the boat to come home. He didn't witness my fall, as he was driving the boat. When I hobbled through the door, my mother was shocked and panicked. I could not stand up straight, anything that touched my right side was excruciatingly painful and I could barely walk. I was given a choice. My mother said I had to see a doctor, did I want to see a medical doctor or the chiropractic doctor. My reply was "Who will NOT give me a shot?" Because I was terrified of needles, this was very important. And hence my eyes were opened to the body's ability to heal without drugs or surgery! Since then I have personally experienced the benefits of chiropractic. It has kept me keep me living a very active lifestyle, and I have avoided neck surgery because of my accident when I was younger.

The Natural Path Health Center

Every moment, day and night there is a constant stream of information that travels down from your brain and up from your body back to the brain again. In each and every joint, there are "sensors" that continually give feedback to the brain about what type of position and/or movement is taking place at that specific location. The brain then gives instruction back down to the joint as to changes that need to happen for optimal function. Such as causing a muscle spasm or stiffness in the joint. When a joint has less motion than what it was designed for, that gives the brain information too. I picture it as continual static. Now who likes hearing static? No one that I know of! So, your brain knows when the body is "out of physical alignment", just like it knows when your body chemistry is "out of balance", or your emotions. This transport of information is done through your nervous system. This is why chiropractors have such a deep understanding about the musculoskeletal and nervous system. Detecting and correcting these "static" causing problems is what we excel at.