Fat Blasting Magic

  • Trapped in a body you don’t recognize?
  • Living life on the sidelines because of your weight?
  • Your personality is squished by the extra padding around your middle?

You don't have to be held hostage any more!

You can take it off and keep it off for good!

Introducing The Transformational Weight Loss Journey Like No Other

Invest 14 weeks into my program to blast your fat, speed up your metabolism, reclaim your energy and transform your life!


Stop suffering from…

  • Doing all the "right things" but not seeing results
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Stressing about what to wear each day
  • Depression
  • Not feeling sensual and sexy
  • Thinking everyone else can lose weight ... but not you
  • Risking the onset of diabetes and heart disease
  • Feeling much older than you really are
  • A lack of energy
  • Aches and pains in your feet, knees, back and hips

Is there really a way to not only lose the weight but keep it off?


Success Stories

The Natural Path Health Center
The Natural Path Health Center

Before I lost the weight, I felt like a human sausage... now I am a weight loss warrior and won the battle of the bulge!

-Deborah Sappington-

The Natural Path Health Center

Before, I was tired, sluggish, took a nap in the afternoons for about an hour, my feet hurt when i got up in the mornings. I did not like myself and was not happy.
Now I am excited (I get teary eyed when I talk about being on the program), I have hope, I see the big picture! I am very excited and I am not going back ever to what I weighed before!!!

-Kathleen Hagen-

Fat Blasting Magic

Let me share my personal story. Like you, I was trapped in my body fat!

My Weight Loss Journey

In my younger days, I was considered thin, and at times skinny.

This was good because my whole world revolved around dancing.

I ate whatever I wanted and never had to “diet” to keep my figure. In fact I recall in high school I was performing in yet another dance recital when after the show my mother pulled me aside to talk to me about my weight. Apparently she could see the outline of my ribs up on stage. Her concern was that I was becoming anorexic.

I laughed at that!

Part of my brain was still concerned about the “pooch” below my belly button and I always felt fat. The other part of my brain said, "No way, I love food to much too ever go without!"

What I did not realize then was that I did not know how to eat properly and way back then I was laying the foundation of damage that I am battling now, at this very moment, possibly until the day God takes me home.

Back in the glory days of gluttonous eating here was a typical day's consumption:

Breakfast: Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate!) or Chocolate Malt- O-Meal with 10 spoonfuls of sugar or 3 to 5 donuts with a large Pepsi

Lunch: A sandwich on white bread, the softer the better, Taco Bell, McDonalds, or maybe I would skip it

Dinner: Whatever mom cooked, usually noodles of any kind. (Top Ramen and Mac and Cheese were major staples) I was also the founder and president of the I HATE ALL RAW VEGETABLES! Club. If someone else would cook them, I would eat them. It was not until I had graduated from Chiropractic college that I started to willingly cook and eat them on my own.

Snacks: Chips Ahoy cookies, Oreos, donuts, ALL THINGS CHOCOLATE. I also quickly substituted these for a meal

Drinks: Apple juice, Shasta Crème soda, Pepsi, chocolate Coke, grape juice (no wonder I suffered from bladder infections)

So, as you can see, once I got my driver’s license, I made horrible food choices. Looking back what I find fascinating was that I grew up with a mom who battled her weight, for the majority of her life. I grew up with a kitchen scale to measure food, had weight watchers ice cream in the freezer, and watched my mom binge and eat a whole bag of cookies when she was depressed or upset. I watched my mom kill herself one bite at a time. You would think that I would get a clue. Young and dumb is what I call it now. The funny thing was I made a decision in high school that I did not want to become my mom, with all of her health issues. I was going to age like fine wine. As I got older I wanted to get better, look better and feel better. You know, live life to the fullest and not EVER be encumbered with my weight. I thought that I was invincible! (Yup! Young, dumb and blind!)

Fast forward to the 90’s.

I was at the Boston aquarium. For some reason there was a scale there. I had not weighed myself in quite awhile. I stepped on it and my life in that moment changed forever. The number on the scale had to be wrong! I had always weighed between 120-125 pounds. This scale showed that I was at 134 pounds. I knew that I had gained some weight, but had no idea how much. Reality slapped me in the face. I was terrified that I was becoming the fat lady, trapped in a body that I hated. What I found shocking was that I was eating better than I ever had. (I was really getting into nutrition then.) However, my life was horribly stressful. All work, and very little play, and even less exercise. Slowly over the next few years, the weight crept on. I started dressing differently, not feeling as confident in my head. Jump ahead a few more years and add 2 pregnancies that ended sadly in miscarriages. The last miscarriage was the final straw to my already damaged physiology. My weight continued to climb. An autoimmune problem popped up, my energy was almost nonexistent. I was giving everything I had to my patients. When I would come home at night, I would just sit and watch TV. Making dinner was to exhausting. Quite frankly, my quality of life sucked!

For 3 years I worked at getting my health back. I ate better than I ever had and was exercising. Technically, with all of the work I had put into this, I should have been in a healthy weight range. Sadly, that was not the case.


The Natural Path Health Center

Before the Fat Blasting Magic program, I was a mess emotionally and physically. I was suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of my second child. I was not happy, didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t feel I was being a good wife and mom, so I decided to take the plunge.
I was willing to do whatever I needed to, but was fearful that nothing would work, because nothing in the past ever had. I now know what will trigger a weight gain and if I go hog wild, I know how to get the weight off.This program has given me freedom and a lifestyle that I can manage. It has been priceless, worth every penny!

-Shelly Krikorian-

The Natural Path Health Center

After struggling with my weight for years and trying multiple weight loss programs, only to continue with my struggle, I was ready to give up and just accept that this is the weight I was meant to be. It wasn’t until I started seeing Dr. Parsons and she taught me the tools I needed to be successful. The amount of support I have received from Dr. Parsons and her staff during my journey is PRICELESS. I made an investment in my health and what is so wonderful about Dr. Parsons and the programs she has developed is that she’s right there with you on this journey and there for your specific needs. I tried losing weight on my own, with programs where accountability and support were non-existent, and I failed. I didn’t want to fail anymore and I discovered that one of the most valuable things I could do to maintain my weight loss is to access the support available to me and to remain accountable and plugged in. I needed someone cheering me on, making the changes I needed to lose the weight. I needed the support of other people in the program and the accountability when I was struggling. This journey changed my life and I wish I would have done this sooner!

-Angelic Cloud-

My body was resistant to losing weight. AAAAAHHHH!!! It was sooo frustrating I wanted to scream!!!!!!

I had lost hope.

I spent a lot of time and money traveling to different doctors, looking at different lab tests and continuing to work on correcting the damage that I had done in my young and dumb years.

Then, in April 2010, my hormones flipped out again and I gained 2 pounds in one week!

I could no longer button the pants that I had worn just 2 weeks ago. I felt myself slip into a depression. I started to have crazy thoughts of doing unhealthy radical things that I knew would get the weight off, but I knew too much about the body, its physiology and the harm it would do my body.

The emotional side of me fantacized about liposuction, or even starvation, but the doctor side said “No!” I knew those crazy ideas may get my belly smaller but it would just come back because the underlying issue would not be fixed.

This is where my work and my wonderful patients come in….

I love it when patients come to me and ask me to look at new products and programs that are available. Several patients had asked me about a weight loss program which on the surface, I did not fully understand and could therefore not support.

One of my friends who is a naturopath had been using this program for many years in his office. He mentioned it to me several times. Aside from it not making nutritional sense, it also required daily injections. Deal breaker for me. (I became a chiropractor because of a fear of needles.)

It was not until my doctor, who was trying to balance my still messed up female hormones, told me “this is the only thing that is going to get the weight off” that I decided to take a good hard look at it. If I did not feel that it was healthy, or not a permanent fix to my physiology, I was not going to do it. Nor would I ever recommend it to patients.

Four clothing sizes later, I am happy to say I am out of my fat clothes and loving shopping for and buying new skinny clothes.

Since my transformation, I have been doing a lot of research on the this type of weight loss program and I have coached many men and women who have achieved a similar transformation. And I have figured out the reasons why people gain the weight back…hence the creation of the amazing Fat Blasting Magic Program!

If you are at that place, where you feel you are stuck in a body that is not really yours, ask yourself if you are ready to make the leap!

Fat-Blasting Magic

Are you ready to kick your fat to the curb and reclaim your energy and transform your life?
Take Action Now!

This 14 week program is divided into 3 distinct phases. Each phase is designed to get the weight off, reset your body chemistry to keep it off and discover those secret hidden foods that within 24 hours bump your weight up!

Each and every day (including weekends and holidays) you are calling, emailing or texting us your weight. You get feedback and course correction that same day. No dealing with plateaus that last weeks, nope, not on my watch! You will have access to our Fat Blasting Magic Forum where you can stay current and up to date with what is happening to others who are also on the road to transformation. To help track your transformation, we will see you weekly in the office for toxicity testing and measurements. It is so exciting to see your body shrink right before our very eyes.

Phase 1 - Fat Blasting

This is the first and most difficult phase, yet at the same time the most rewarding. The difficulty is in being restricted to many foods. You are eating 2 meals per day plus 2 snacks. And yes, you are drinking more than just water too! Supplements are also critical; we need to support the rusty fat burning equipment that has not been working correctly, sometimes for years. The reward is that you lose a large chunk of weight in a matter of weeks. It is seeing the big changes on the scale and in your body measurements that keeps you wanting more success and sticking to the program. (I have knick named this phase the greedy phase. The weight comes off like it never has before!) Exercise in this phase is a no no! Yes, you read that correctly, no exercise. Think of this as a full time job of burning fat! To date people in the program lose anywhere from 17 to 43 pounds during this phase! Of course the amount of weight depends upon how much they have to lose. Remember, these are people who had been stuck just like you!

Phase 2 - Metabolic Magic

You just lost a chunk of weight. So now is the time to lock that new body weight in so it will not sneak back on or keep you burning fat.

There is more freedom with food during this phase and exercise is now mandatory. (Also shopping for clothes that fit... including underwear!) This is where we reset you body chemistry and your brain into accepting the new you. To support this phase, different supplements are important to make this stick.

Phase 3 - New Beginnings

Now is the time to really see what foods may be causing a weight gain. It isn't necessarily the foods that you would expect. You also learn the secret of maintaining your weight loss, so if you do eat something that causes a weight gain, you can get it off with in 24 hours. The secret is what will enable you to enjoy all foods and be able to still fit in your new, smaller clothes.

Fat-Blasting Magic 14-Week Program

Phase One – Fat Blasting – 42 days

  • Fat Blasting Supplement Kit and Guide Book
  • 6 Toxicity Tests
  • 6 Hydration Tests
  • Daily check in with tweaking of program as needed
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Parsons' private cell number

Phase Two – Metabolic Magic - 28 days

  • Metabolic Magic Kit and Guide Book
  • 4 Toxicity Tests
  • 4 Hydration Tests
  • Daily check in with tweaking of program as needed
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Parsons' private cell number

Phase Three – New Beginnings – 28 days

  • 4 Toxicity Tests
  • 4 Hydration Tests
  • Daily check in with tweaking of program as needed
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • New Beginnings Supplement Kit and Guide Book
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Parsons' private cell number

Make an Investment in You Today! Call Now to Get Started: (559) 447-1404

(Payment plan is available)


Current patient of The Natural Path Health Center.
(Yes, we are accepting new patients, call now.)


No history of female cancers.

Must be 20 years of age or older.

Significant toxicity inhibits weight loss. A toxicity test will be preformed prior to the start of the program. Depending upon your toxicity levels, you may choose to do a detox cleanse prior to the start of the program for increased weight loss.

Women who are menstruating must wait to start the program on the last day of bleeding.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this program is not recommended.

Vegetarians may find this program to be difficult; if you choose to enroll, understand your protein sources will need to come from specific meal replacement shake options at an additional expense.

If you are currently undergoing physical therapy or will be having surgery, the start of the program must be delayed.

Refund Policy:
Program registration, less 20% administrative fee, will be refunded only within 24 hours of purchase.