K-Laser Therapy for Pain and Healing in Fresno

Have you seen the K-Laser in the Natural Path Health Center Fresno office?

While it might look like a little intimidating, it’s actually a very safe and powerful healing tool that can reduce or even eliminate pain and damage including carpal tunnel, restless legs, plantar fasciitis, whiplash, sciatica, plain old sprains and strains and much more. We use it in conjunction with our other healing modalities including chiropractic, brain training and nutrition.

How Does the K-Laser Work?

Laser therapy is an FDA-cleared therapy for pain. When used correctly, laser therapy has been shown to restore proper function to nerves, repair torn tissues, and rebuild damaged joints. All of which reduces or eliminates pain from the effects of damage.

The visible red light of the laser can inhibit bacteria and promote cell growth in the skin. It can also help with wound healing and scar tissue regulation after surgery for example.

The laser works by sending light waves deep into the tissues where it gets converted to heat, creating a temperature gradient which stimulates microcirculation. It also activates the mitochondria (your cells’ powerhouses) to produce energy to support the healing.

What is it Like to Get a K-Laser Treatment?

The treatment time will vary from a few minutes to maybe 10 minutes depending on what part of the body and what you’re being treated for.

No pain should be coming from the laser. Any discomfort or excessive warmth should be immediately brought to your K-Laser Tech’s attention. You will feel some warmth and many patients find it comforting.

This is not like an infrared blanket or light bed. This is a laser and if used incorrectly by an untrained person, it can cause damage. There are many safety precautions and extensive training involved with working with the laser. No one who is untrained can use this laser, even if they are another doctor. We are very strict with our safety procedures.

A closeup image of the K-Laser screen.

How Soon Will You Feel Better?

Sometimes one treatment will reduce pain greatly, as it did for Dr. Parsons, D.C. on her shoulder. We cannot guarantee anything, but we always try for that outcome for every patient, every time.

You may be able to be treated on your first appointment. You’ll meet with Dr. P so she can determine if the laser is the correct treatment and that it will be safe for the particular pain or injury.

This is not a “one and done” process because it works in layers. The full benefit of a treatment kicks in at about 48 hours. Then we’ll want to treat again to reinforce that layer of healing, and move on to the next.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Multiple laser treatments can stimulate the growth of new blood vessels which means that strengthening and repair of damaged tissues can continue even after you are finished with treatment.

What Can You Do to Make it Work Better?

The laser does its job 100% of the time, but if the body is missing the vital elements for healing – water, protein, B vitamins – the body may not be able to heal itself fully.

Dehydration is one of the most common problems affecting up to 90% of our patients. They’re dehydrated even though they drink water because their body isn’t absorbing the H20. This can be caused by a nutritional imbalance or many other factors which is why Dr. Parsons, D.C. has learned so many different healing strategies. Let her know if you think you might be having this dilemma.

The typical American diet can easily be low in protein, especially for men and anyone who is “cutting calories” (and nutrition!).

Be sure to up your intake on any or all of these if you feel you aren’t getting results.

What to Do Next

If you’re dealing with pain, chronic injuries or issues, or facing surgery, call our office at (559) 447-1404 to see if the K-Laser is an appropriate treatment for you.

Dr. Mikell Suzanne Parsons, DC holds a certificate of completion from the Laser Therapy Institute as well as the K-Laser Safety Awareness Training Certificate from the manufacturer.

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