The (Greater) Purpose of Chiropractic Tests

When your body is under stress the effects are often found in the nervous system in the form of unhappy muscles. Reducing stress and mitigating the results of that stress becomes an important goal for me and my patients. That’s why I start with chiropractic tests along with other diagnostic tests.

Pain, nutritional issues, brain fog and other nervous system problems can often be pinpointed with simple tests and then helped through often very simple adjustments (chiropractic or lifestyle) and yet, it is human nature to put things off and avoid or question these tests.

I don’t know why we do it, but I observe this in people in all aspects of our lives.

However, when we are not proactive, sometimes the price we pay is higher than we bargained for.

Take for example the first warning sign of a heart problem. Do you know what this is for many people? It is death!

We all expect that we will get a second chance. So we wait and then when things get “bad enough,” then we take action.

I see it frequently in the people that come to me for help. More often than not, they have known they are out of balance, but attribute how they felt to the “aging” process. Or “genetics.” Or even “fate.”

I fully realized this when I spent time with my dad when he was in a rest home and then an assisted living facility. I would walk by rooms of people. Ill. In pain. Their bodies no longer working in a way that gave them any type of quality of life.

The decisions they made, or the decisions they chose not to make often landed them in that situation.

It is heartbreaking to see. Long ago, I made the conscious decision to make choices regarding my health that will lead to a vibrant and independent life in my golden years.

Why We Avoid Testing

The big question is not about the testing, but why we bury our heads in the sand.

Image of an ostrich to illustrate the idea of burying head in the sand.
Ostriches don’t really bury their heads in the sand, so neither should we.

Many take the easy road of making poor choices. It is my opinion that it is because of the false belief that what we can’t see, won’t hurt us.

But for the countless people who may have avoided that fatal heart attack, simple testing with lab work, a stress test, eating healthy and some exercise…..well they don’t get a second chance. And that is heartbreaking!

You don’t change what you do not measure.

And yet, in this day and age of amazing, affordable technology, there are few excuses not to investigate your health issues.

Lab work is common and easy to get.

We get our teeth cleaned. We get our eyes checked. Imaging like thermography, X-rays, MRI’s are now the norm.

The Ignored System? It Can Be Tested

Yet, there’s a part of the body that usually gets overlooked. It is the master system that controls everything. And that system is abused, ignored and taken for granted.

This is your nervous system. I bring it up because as a doctor of chiropractic, I am trained in looking at the nervous system function.

This is a test to physically measure your stress levels!

When this system fails, your quality of life diminishes.

An example of the importance of the nervous system’s ability to communicate is illustrated by someone who loses the protective fatty covering (myelin sheath) of the nerves. When this happens they will lose the communication between the brain and the body, slowly over time.

The formal diagnosis is Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This horrible disease robs the body and changes the quality of life.This is an extreme example but I hope that you follow what I am saying about the importance of the nervous system in keeping us healthy.

How Chiropractic Tests View the Nervous System

The exciting news is there is now a way to check three areas of the nervous system by doing a simple in-office scan.

This opens up opportunities to improve the function of the nervous system, thereby improving the energy that the body needs to use just to keep you upright. Without this, you run the risk of hunching over from the pull of gravity and poor posture habits.

Next you begin to shuffle your feet and bam! You are now at higher probability of injury due to falling. Or if your neck and shoulders are tense because of the nervous system imbalance in the neck and mid back, over time you may develop sinus issues or reflux.

These are not inevitable. It does not have to be that way … unless your lack of making decisions that are in favor of health catch up to you. (FYI…this scan and possibly other chiropractic tests cannot pick up a disease such as MS, I mentioned it only as an example of the functionality of the nervous system.)

This scan will identify specific areas of the spine that are functioning poorly. You can have either too much or not enough muscle tone. Either one of these possibilities is not good because of the information that gets sent up to the brain.

The Value of Measuring and Testing

Again, we can’t change what we don’t measure!

But the measuring is not hard. We have an easy, cost effective way to measure this part of our nervous system by doing a Surface EMG exam.

This exam evaluates the function of the muscles that support and move your spine. Kind of important, right?

The Static EMG Scan looks at nervous system energy production plus muscle tone and tension.

If you are using too much energy to keep your spine in balance, over time the muscles will become overworked. This will then make it harder for the muscles to properly support the spine and have correct motion.

The next step will be muscle fatigue and poor energy distribution. This indicates that the body is under stress. When you run the scan, the score will be low because it picks up on the excess energy that the body is using just to keep you upright! So instead of having energy to burn fat, or play with your kids, that energy is being expended in an area that is totally out of balance.

It also shows the symmetry, balance and alignment too. As a chiropractor, I think it’s very cool… maybe you will too.

The Rolling Thermal graph measures temperature change which is controlled by blood flow, which is controlled by the nervous system.

Once we know exactly what’s going on with your balance and alignment, we start a course of specific chiropractic adjustments. Then follow up scans are done to measure the change in the nervous system. 

Even better? This is all noninvasive! No drugs, surgery or drama involved!

Technology such as this is a huge game changer because we get a clear indication (without the conscious emotion of stress denial) of what is truly happening with your body AND we then have a clear plan to correct it!

When it is all said and done, when this is in balance, your brain is happier and functions better too!

This is why I am on the natural path. The greater purpose of chiropractic tests is to help us to avoid invasive or drug-based therapies as much as possible.

I invite you to join me on the natural path to a more vibrant life and happier aging process by starting with the basics.

Don’t wait until your quality of life becomes challenged! Simple chiropractic tests, lab work and your nervous system scan can show you where to start making changes for the better! 

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