Fresno Nutritionist

Focusing on helping you become gluten-free, detox, treat fatigue and reduce inflammation.

  • Do you have gut problems?
  • Are you experiencing gas, bloating, gut pain, diarrhea, constipation?
  • Suffering from adrenal fatigue?
  • Tired all the time but get a second wind in the evening?
  • Not feeling rested in the morning?
  • Craving carbs or binge-eating?
  • Experiencing “brain fog?”
  • Feel fuzzy-headed, can’t think straight?
  • Struggling with recurring candida infections in your vagina, in your gut, on your skin or in your mouth?

As a nutritionist I will help you:

  • Figure out what’s causing your imbalance through testing and/or questionnaires. I do some of this in my office and some will require a trip to a lab or require you to gather specimens at home.
  • Set up a plan to rebuild a good nutritional foundation that will repair your body and support your brain function. For example, I will recommend foods to add or perhaps foods to avoid - or maybe both! I may suggest nutritional supplements (I use professional brands specifically designed to heal the body faster and safer).
  • Monitor and advise you during your journey to better health.

Why Good Nutrition is Important

Food gives information to each and every cell in your body. It tells the cell to work correctly, or it can tell the cell to work poorly. A poorly working body will become inflamed. Hundreds of studies clearly show that inflammation is the foundation of all disease, from diabetes to cancer.

We often underestimate (or have forgotten) the true power that food has on our bodies. Fast food is now an acceptable way of life. We don’t think twice about buying things packaged in a box, bag or can. Wheat and dairy have become staples and pizza is an integral part of our social life.

But the more processed a food is, the less “good” information it has for our cells. After all, there is a HUGE difference between a baked potato and Pringles potato chips, right? Which do you think is better for your body?

So my motto and approach to regaining health is “food first!” no matter what the health concern is.

After all, if you want to make changes in how your body is working, the first step is to change the misinformation we give to our cells.

The second step for some may be the addition of supplements. The notion that we can get all that we need from our food, is long gone. We are under tremendous stress, live in a toxic world that increase the need for nutrients to keep us thriving.

Then we skip meals because we are either too tired to cook and prepare for our meals, or we have “taught” our body to quit telling us we are hungry, because we want to lose weight. Then we think that starvation must be the key, right? So a lot of people have “lost” their appetite. This is actually a sign of metabolic/physiologic damage!

Feeling hungry in the morning is a normal healthy feeling!

So, for many on the road to health, supplementing with the proper, targeted high quality nutrients is a part of the healing journey.

Knowing where to start and what to do is the result of over 22 years of clinical experience. I have already done the investigation and research for you. The body knows how to heal. We just need to call in the right coach to help!

Let me massively help you cut down the learning curve.

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