Fussy Baby or Toddler? It Might be Pre-Birth Stress

Our nervous system is like a teeter totter. All through life, we are balancing one nervous system with the other. Is this the key to understanding a fussy baby? Read on and I’ll show you why it just might be the case.

On one side of the nervous system teeter totter, you have the sympathetic system. This system is based on providing a response to stress, increasing the level of reaction to the world. It evolved from flight responses, such as running from the tiger, fleeing danger or enemies. It’s like having a foot on the gas pedal. It’s the action phase.

The other side is the parasympathetic system. This system regulates rest, relaxation, digestion, and a healthy immune function. This is the recovery phase. It’s like putting a foot on the brake pedal. 

To be emotionally healthy, these two systems need to be in balance.

What is fascinating is that when a baby is developing in utero, it is the sympathetic – the flight or fight – system that develops first. This is the dominant system during the first 2 trimesters. The baby’s body is gaining the ability to deal with stress.

It’s not until 8 months in the womb that the parasympathetic system begins to develop. If a baby happens to come early, that baby is in a sympathetic-dominant state because the parasympathetic system – the braking and regulation system – isn’t fully developed yet. 

These fussy babies already have “their foot on the gas pedal” with a poor braking system!

And more often than not, these kiddos also get exposed to trauma (birth process), toxins (vaccines, antibiotics, soaps, lotions, MiraLax, formula, etc.), and stress.

Maybe mom had a stressful pregnancy, the baby spent time in the NICU, had medical testing, or there could be family stress.

The child is already in stress overload at birth. Your fussy baby has reason to be upset!

In the sympathetic-dominant state, there is no way to let off the pressure of that stress because the parasympathetic system is not as well developed.

Many of these kids will retain their primitive reflexes well into toddlerhood because their brain is on lock down mode.

This is a protective mechanism in the brain but it means these kids can have challenges in hitting developmental “milestones.”

These are the kids that start as fussy babies and end up with ADD/ADHD, immune system challenges or are considered to be on the sensory spectrum. Yikes!

Is an imbalance between these systems the cause of your fussy baby’s woes?

We can find out! We now have the technology to measure the nervous system in these young kids to see if their nervous system is in or out of balance.

It is non-invasive, safe, and gives the wise practitioner insight into what needs to be done to get them better balanced. For the “foot on the gas pedal” kids and fussy babies, we need to shut down the sympathetic overdrive and build up the parasympathetic response.

One effective way to do that is through a series of chiropractic adjustments with follow-up scans to monitor their progress. Call our office if you have questions about the possibilities for your child or children.

 Let’s help these fussy babies become children, teens, and adults who can reach their potential and truly thrive, not just survive!

Our Brain Blossom Can Help

An additional protocol that is now available is the Brain Blossom Program™  program. Call our office to learn more about this 4 pillar program to help your child overcome learning, behavioral, socialization and developmental challenges.

The Brain Blossom Program™ is an online educational platform developed

from the very successful FOCUS Program, which has been helping individuals with Neuro-Deflective Disorders™ since 2009.

Dr. Mikell Parsons, DC, is trained and certified by the FOCUS Academy, and continues to receive support and education as a member of FOCUS Elite Access. She offers the Brain Blossom Program ™ in the Natural Path Health Center of Fresno office.

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Mikell Suzanne

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