How to Do a “Detox Cleanse” Every Day

The month of January is filled with new decisions and choices. Many people decide to start their New Year with a cleanse. But what many people don’t realize is that technically we are doing a detox cleanse every day! This is part of our body’s natural daily operations.  Here’s how it works and how to make it work better.

How Do We Get Toxic in the First Place?

We live in a toxic world which is very small. We as individuals have limited control over our environment and our surroundings. We are affected by the actions of those around us and around the world.

What we DO have more control over is what we put in our mouths and on our bodies. This includes not only food and drinks, but also medications and supplements.

The various areas of toxicity will affect each of us very differently. What it boils down to – no matter the source – is how well your detoxification pathways work. Your body’s daily “detox cleanse” is based upon how well you eat, how you deal with stress and what supplements you take, if any.

What can contribute to our toxic exposure?

  • Your home – heating and ventilation, cleaning products, pesticides, paints, carpets, building materials, molds, allergens, water quality
  • Your hobbies – toxic chemicals, paints, solvents, metal fumes
  • Your personal habits – smoking, drinking, drug use, sun exposure, exercise, stress management
  • Your diet – quality of food, over or under eating, meat vs. vegetarian, fast foods, snack foods, deep fried foods, sugar and artificial sweeteners, fish and seafood, organic vs non-organic, food allergies or intolerances, bugs in the gut, dehydration
  • Drugs you take – prescription, over the counter, recreational (yes, alcohol is a drug!)
  • Your occupation – workplace air quality, toxic chemicals, heavy metal exposure
  • Dental work – silver fillings, removal of silver fillings, extractions, root canals
  • Early development – mothers pregnancy history (smoked, drugs, alcohol, toxic exposure, dental work), childhood exposures (lead, paints, pesticides, secondhand smoke)
  • Your neighborhood – air quality, noise, electromagnetic fields
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Some of the more common problems that I see due to toxicity are fatigue, headaches, gas, bloating, weight gain, and hormonal problems (especially irritability). And the list could go on and on. Do any of these ring a bell?

How to Help Your Natural Detox Cleanse Process

We can help the process in two ways: by not adding to our bodies’ toxic burden and by providing all of the nutrients that are needed.

The detoxification process is a multistep process. This means that there are many steps that the body takes to find, package up, and eliminate the “waste” that the body no longer has a use for.

One food item that is eliminated by your detox cleanse system is protein! Surprised?

When we eat protein, the digestive system breaks the protein “brick” (a bite of chicken for example) into tiny pieces of “sand” (amino acids). Without amino acids, the detox factory is unable to work efficiently.

For those of you who use juicing or fasting as a form of “detoxifying,” you could actually be slowing down the entire detox process!

What? Isn’t juicing good for you? In many ways, it is. You eliminate foods and beverages that have chemicals, additives, preservatives, dyes and food allergens. If you add a splash of fruits, you can help alkalize the body. This is good!

But you can’t ignore the fact that protein is essential to keep the factory (i.e. your body) working. It doesn’t matter if it’s plant or animal based protein. Just be sure to get enough protein with each meal.

You’ve learned a little science and now you know that your very own detox “factory” will package up those toxins so you can pee, poop or sweat them right out of your body!

How easy is that? You can do a “detox cleanse” every day by avoiding as many toxins as you can and by eating more food? YAY!

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