Coronavirus, Flu and Colds: Natural Immune Support Strategies

Because I have the title of doctor (I’m a chiropractor and nutritionist) my opinion about pain, food, and health is often sought after. Today (early March 2020), you can guess how the appearance of the coronavirus on the world scene has increased my popularity. I’m being asked about symptoms, cures and treatment but the funny thing is that my position on the coronavirus, flu or even the common cold hasn’t changed since I started my practice.

In the fall, I don’t expect to get the flu. Some experts are saying that up to 70% of the population will contract the virus. Even if that’s true, I don’t expect to suffer anything more than a mild case, if at all, from the coronavirus.


We are all born with an innate power to fight, defend and heal. This system is already up and running. Yet, advertisers would like you to believe that getting sick is not a matter of if, but when, so that you’ll buy their pharmaceuticals and treatments.

But it’s not about the drugs. Bottom line, it is really about the health of your immune system.

The Strange World of How Viruses (Even the Coronavirus) Work

Viruses are very different from bacteria in how they survive in the world. These little viral guys need to take over the host cells (that would be you and me) so they can replicate.

Yes, I am talking about little viral babies using your cells as the incubator. Ick! 

They are able to be transmitted in the air (via coughing or sneezing), or from direct contact (shaking hands, door knobs etc.), or from the exchange of body fluids (breast feeding, needle-sharing, sexual contact). These tiny things can mutate quickly and in some instances can knock out the body’s ability to fight them.


In comparison, bacteria can live independently in the soil, food, air, water as well as inside our bodies.  Here is where it gets tricky. Bacteria can be killed with something like an antibiotic, or various herbal remedies, but viruses cannot.

It is up to your immune system to defend you against a viral attack. So if your body is fighting a virus, your healthy immune system is releasing free radicals to kill them. That is how our system is set up to deal with something like the flu. 

Unfortunately, free radicals can also damage healthy tissue which is why you may feel sick. I think of viruses as being very sneaky, because they are able to constantly change and evolve into new strains such as COVID-19 which is called “novel” because it’s a new version of the coronavirus. 

I think of viruses as having special mutant powers. This is why it is unrealistic to produce a flu vaccine which will be the exact strain that your body happens to encounter during the flu season. I would prefer to rely on my personal immune system created and activated the way nature intended.

How to Boost Your Immune System with Love and Supplements

So I like to keep things simple. When you really want to show your immune system some love, be sure to take antioxidants.

Having a constant supply of antioxidants “quenches” the free radicals and protects your cells from harm while your immune system is battling the enemy virus. It is important for men, women and children, young and old. Here is a list of antioxidants that will help you support your immune system against viral exposure.

Now don’t panic and go out and buy eight bottles of each supplement! There’s enough of that going on with paper towels, toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Image of paper towels and disinfectant. Good strategies for the coronavirus or again the flu and colds.

These are all common and you should be able to find them easily prepackaged at your healthcare provider or in your local health food store. They will come in the form of powders, pills, and chewable tablets. 

Of course this is just one part of keeping your body healthy, but it is definitely a strategic one!

Staying calm, thinking clearly and not letting stress and anxiety wear us down is also vital. I know it’s really hard, but we all have an immune system and how well it works is often based upon how well we treat it. 

Treat it bad, and it will not protect you!

Treat it well with real food, proper rest, managed stress and supplement what may be lacking in your diet, and you have a much higher likelihood of avoiding serious illness, whether it’s from the coronavirus or sailing through the cold and flu season feeling amazing!

Isn’t that what life is really all about?

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